A Simple Strategy for Doing the Most Important Work

 We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. John 9:4

What is wrong with me? I want to do my work, in fact I want to be so organized that I will make lists in order to ensure that all of my work gets done, but no matter how hard I try the work never seems to get done. There is always more to do and I constantly feel as if I am climbing my way out of a mountain of work that never seems to get done.

My messed up strategy

The problem I realized was this was all my messed up strategy of trying to accomplish my work and that is in essence the problem I faced. As the work I wanted to accomplish was not bad, it wasn’t necessarily the best  choice either. I was focused so much on my plans and my strategy of getting all of my work done. I didn’t take enough time to include God and doing His work. Today’s key verse points out that we must do the work of God while it is day. That is the most important kind of work to do.

Could that include doing the dishes and cleaning out the refrigerator. Possibly but it may also include not getting the refrigerator cleaned out because you took that important phone call dealing with a close friend who was devastated and going through a crisis.

What I am learning about surrendering to God….

The answer came to me while doing my morning devotions. I spend so much time trying to have the perfect list with the perfect amount of time scheduled for each activity:

  • plan school and write out worksheets
  • do dishes
  • clean refrigerator
  • make breakfast
  • teach school
  • make lunch
  • teach school
  • more dishes
  • take out garbage
  • clean house
  • clean bathroom

The list could go on and on, but where did I schedule God in all my planning? Where did I take time to pray over my list? Where did I get my list from? There is nothing wrong with the things I am doing, it definitely is things that need to be accomplished but I was so busy planning that I was not allowing my work to be surrendered to God instead my work was my to do list that I felt was important.

Keep it Simple…..

I still want to make lists because that truly helps me feel organized, but before I make my list I pray that God will direct my day’s work. I ask God to give me the most important work His work and let me see what it is. I ask that God help me recognize His Divine Interruptions and then I try to accomplish all that I can on my list and then here is the real tricky part. I try my best to not feel like a failure if I didn’t accomplish everything on my list because I know that I allowed God to direct my day and I was busy all day doing the most important work…..That work was His!

Questions for you

  • What work are you currently doing that overwhelms you?
  • What is one way that you can put God into your work week?
  • What can you do to be less multi-tasking and more God seeking?




5 Ways to Improve Your Work Ethic

The main devotional series that we are focusing on right now is our work ethic.  I love teaching at my church and working with the children. The things that I can learn from the children is amazing. Sometimes I feel like they are teaching me as well.

There is one little boy that goes to my church that has a servant’s heart. He wants so badly to serve God. He is about 8 years old and with every part of his being he is dedicated to serving the Lord. I smile when I think about how loving his attitude is towards his grandma. He cares so deeply for her. He also wants to be a leader in his class. He can’t wait until he is a teenager because we let the teens help with children’s church and he is so desiring to be in a leadership role.

I remind him often that he can lead and be an example to his classmates. He can be a leader through example and set the tone for the class. He can show them how to pray and read the Bible. His work ethic is strong and I appreciate him for  that.

Today’s scripture is found in Ephesians 6:5-9.

This particular scripture happens to be talking about slaves, however it is very applicable to people today as workers in the work force, or as a person doing a job around their house.

Here are 5 ways that I see a person can improve their work ethic.

Obedience- As workers we need to obey and understand what our employers, parents, husband, wife wants done and do the job satisfactorily. I often tell my children (more when they were younger than now) That obedience is doing what you are told right away, all the way  and in a happy way.

It takes all 3 ways to be obedient. If you are doing the job right away but you don’t finish the job, or you are throwing a tantrum about doing the job than you are not really being obedient to my wishes and desires.

The same is true with ourselves, when we are about to do a job we should obey the person we are working for by doing the job right away, all the way and in a happy way.

Do the Will of God from your Heart- There are times when I don’t feel like doing what the person is wanting me to do…..However I remind myself that God wants me to do this task and I am going to work for Him not for the person….I am going to do my best because I know that God is watching me and sees what I am doing. I want to show myself approved and equipped and ready to do all things that Christ has given me to do, so I will work at every task He puts before me with the best effort I can possibly do.

Serve the Lord- There have been times in my life that a job was given to me and the person who was giving me the job was mistreating my willingness to work for them. They were taking advantage of me and it angered me to the point that I didn’t want to serve them any more then I would remember this verse Ephesians 6:7, Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.

Look forward to the reward- that is right, God promises us a reward for working good. He says that He will reward our efforts. It could be today, it could be down the road and maybe it will be an eternal reward.

Don’t show favoritism- If you are in a position to have workers under you then don’t show favoritism scripture clearly warns us not to do this.

Don’t hate work. Go into this upcoming week avoiding showing favoritism and implementing some of these truths.




Hello Wealth Goodbye Poverty

Spring is almost here! Hello Spring and Good-bye Winter! As a mom I have seen many seasons come and go. I am not talking about the physical seasons of the year I am talking more about the seasons of life. I have seen poverty and I have experienced wealth.

I wouldn’t say that I am rich in any sense of the way the world looks at riches but I do feel rich in the Lord and rich in my family life and rich in my relationships, and MY GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES!


2016-02-27 07.52.42


Today’s Bible verse talks about a man’s work ethic. I am so thankful that I have such a loving husband that has such a strong work ethic. He amazes me at his willingness to go to work even when he is running a fever, just because he wants to provide for me and our family. He is willing to work the late night shift just because it pays more and still continue to run a practice because he cares about people and has such a desire in his heart to serve them and help them however he can.

Please read Proverbs 10:4-5

For the rest of February I want to do a study on work ethic and what the Bible says about it. This is what I learned from today’s verse.

Hello Wealth   Goodbye Poverty

Hello Diligent Hands    Goodbye lazy hand

Hello prudence     Goodbye disgracefulness

Please read Colossians 3:23

Hello working heartily for the Lord   Goodbye working heartily for men

Please read 2 Thessalonians 3:10

Hello to be willing to work and eating   Goodbye to not being willing to work and starving

Please read Proverbs 14:23

Hello to toil and profit   Goodbye to talk and poverty

Please read Proverbs 16:3

Hello to committing work to the Lord and plans being established   Goodbye to abstaining from work and plans being indefinite

Please read Acts 20:35

Hello working hard and giving   Goodbye being idle and receiving

Happy work ethic, Strong work ethic, and dedicated work ethic will help you go far.

Let’s make a decision to work diligently and to give our all to God.

Have a great day!