Ryan’s May School Plans

May 10-P.E.- register for black belt camp

Study Korean

Algebra-one step addition and subtraction equations, one step addition and subtraction equations fractions and decimals, one step multiplication and division equations, one step multiplication and division fractions and decimals

Biology-discuss reading assignment and review questions, set up investigation 22c observe it when possible, assign investigation 22e. (day 1) Give quiz over energy exchange between organisms, do ideas 22c (day 2) review chapter 22, study for chapter 22 test(day 3)

History-Read section 2 in chapter over World War II and answer review questions, steps to war worksheet (day 1) Personal responsibility in WWII (day 2)



Ryan’s April School Plan

April 1-Algebra scientific notation

 Spanish: days 9394

Physical Science- Virtual Sound labs

Language Arts week 25 day 5

April 4P.E. prepare for tournament x2

Algebra-Rate Problems

Biology-do ideas 20 c

Modern American History- Herbert Hoover Essay

Chapter Review first 3 sections.

April 5-spanish day 95-96

Physical Science-sound station lab and sound review questions

Language Arts week 26 day 1-3

Modern American History Chapter review and Easy peasy day 96

April 6 graphs and inequalties

biology-Review chapter 20, incorporating the chapter review questions and What did you learn questions and study for test over chapter 20

 Physical Science questions for thought ipods and hearing loss

Language Arts week 26 day 4

April 7 P.E. prepare for tournament

Algebra-order of operations with negative numbers, combining like terms, exponents with integer bases

Biology-give chapter 20 test, read pages 310-312 The Ecosystem, Do section 21 A review questions

Physcial Science-Waves, sound and electromagnetism movie review

April 8Algebra-square roots of perfect squares and simplify fractions

Spanish day 97, 98 and 99

 Physical Science study for test

Language Arts week 26 day 5

April 11- P.E. tournament training x2

Algebra-ordering rational numbers

Biology-discuss the reading assignment and review questions, begin investigation 21a, set up investigation 21b, study for quiz on “The Ecosystem”, read pages 316-317 Facet on Succession in Ecoysystems.

Modern American History-Easy peasy 97, Easy peasy day 98 and Easy peasy day 99

April 12 Spanish day 100  and 101

Physical Science Test and Introduction to Light and Optics

Language Arts Week 27 day 13

Modern American History- Essay on Second New Deal,  Essay on Relief and Reform

April 13 Algebra Evaluating Expressions with one variable, Evaluating Expressions with two variables, Evaluating Expressions with two variables fractions and decimals, Evaluating Expressions with  variables word problems

Biology-work on report investigation 21a

Physical Science: Light and optics lesson 234

Language Arts Lesson 27 day 4

April 14 P.E. tournament training x3

Algebra-writing basic expressions with variables,writing equivalent expressions, equivalent expressions, dependent and independent variables

Biology-give quiz on Ecosystems and The physical enviroment of Ecosystems, Do ideas 21b and 21c  work on report investigation 21a do investigation 21c.

Physical Science: light and optics notes

April 15 Algebra-combining like terms with negative coefficients, combining like terms with negative coefficients and distribution

Spanish day 101, 102 and 103

Physical Science-Electromagnetic waves frequencies lowest to highest

Language Arts week 27 day 5

April 18 P.E. tournament training x2

Algebra: Interpeting Linear expressions, testing solutions to equations

Biology-Do ideas 21d, use any extra time as catch up period, Do investigation 21c and work on previously assigned investigation (day 1) Do selected (not all) questions from the Chapter reviw questions and what did you Learn questions. (day 2) Read pages 329-335 “Energy Exchange Between Organisms and Do section review questions 22A (day 3)

modern amrican History- WWII Essay,  Easy peasy day 103, read pages 533-536 answer review questions















Ryan’s School Plans for March


Physical Science

March 1:Magnetism

Magnetism Lab

March 2:Lab Magnetic Field Activity

Magnetism Questions

March 9- quiz on magnetism, study for test, test on magnetism

March 16 waves notes and math skills waves

March 29 Waves magic squares and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapses

March 30 review quiz over waves

March 31: notes on sound


Learning Language Arts Through Literature

March 1:Lesson 23 day 4

March 2:Lesson 23 day 5

March 9 Lesson 24 day 1-3

March 10 Lesson 24 day 4

March 16 Lesson 25 day 1

March 29 Lesson 25 day 2

March 30: Lesson 25 day


March 1:Easy Peasy day 84

Easy Peasy day 85

March 2: Growth and Transformation

change and reaction in the 1920’s

March 10- The Progressive Stake in the War, Day 89 easy peasy, read chapter 25 section 1

March 29-Easy peasy 90 Easy peasy day 91 and Easy peasy day 92

Physical Education

March 3: Competition Practice

Competition practice

March 8- Competition Practice

Competition Practice

March 9- Competition Practice times 3

March 16 Competition Practice 2

March 31 Competition Practice times 2


March 3: Dividing decimals and adding decimals

March 8 – Multiply mixed numbers, subtract mixed numbers and properties of exponents

March 9-Multiplying mixed numbers and computing in scientific notation

March 16- Math review

March 30 – rate problems and review

March 31-properties of exponents


March 3: Day 78, Day 79 and Day 80

March 8 Day 82, day83 and day 84

March 9 Day 85

March 10 Day 86

March 16 Day 89

March 29 Day 90-92



March 3: Begin Investigation  17B

Do Ideas 17c

March 8- Finish investigation 17c, discuss reptiles, do selected not all questions from the Chapter review questions and What did you learn questions.

Do section review questions 18a

do activity 1 and 2 listed in the marginal notes.

March 10 Read pages 279-285 mammals and Do section review questions 18c

Give quiz on Mammals

Discuss the reading assignment and review questions and set up investigation 19a  study for quiz on innate behaviors and learned behaviors.

March 30-Discuss reading assignment and review questions do ideas 19a,observe investigation 19a

March 31- Read pages 297-298 Meiosis Gametes, and Fertilization, do section review questions 20 A, catch up period