February School Plans for Ryan

Home School……

Physical Education- prep for black belt test 2nd degree

February 3- physical and essay

February 4- essay

February 10-study Korean words

and essay

February 11-physical, Ryan’s choice and study for Korean words and history

February 17 – 1. study for Korean words and history over Korea

February 18- 1. study for Korean words and history over Korea

February 24-Ryan’s choice and physical

February 25-Study for Korean words and history over Korea and essay


February 3- measuring area with unit squares
area problems
finding perimeter by counting unit squares

February 4- Finding perimeter
Volume with unit cubes

February 10-Volume, Volume word problems and  whole number exponents with integer bases

February 11-approximating square roots and factoring numerical expressions using the distributive property

February 17- identifying terms, factors and coefficients in expressions
basic rate problems
multi-step rational number word problems

February 18-order of operations and solve word problems with multiple units

February 24- writing inequalities while dealing with real world situations and dividing fractions word problems and adding and subtracting with unlike denominators word problems

February 25- dividing decimals and adding decimals

Physical Science-

Finish Heat and Temperature and move on to next unit Electricity and Magnatism

Electricity and Magnetism: Key terms, Electricity

video on electricity, video on electricity continued, video on electricity continued

Quiz on electricity

Static Electricity Webquest

Ohm Zone Lab

Electricity review


February 3

1. Give quiz What is an Invertebrate, discuss sponges and Jellyfish, discuss planarian
2. Set up investigation 16b use remaining time as a catch up period
3. read pages 235-237 The second half of the The Earthworm and Other Segmented Worms

February 4

1. do investigation 15a earthworm dissection
2. Read pages 239-241 “Mollusca” and do section review questions 16a


  1. Read pages 242-247, the first half of Arthropods and do ideas 16 b
  1. Do ideas 16a and study for quiz on Mollusca
  2. Discuss the reading assignment and observe investigation 16b read pages 247-252, the second half of “Arthropods and Echinoderms” do idea 16 a

1.Do ideas 17a 2.Discuss the reading assignment, do ideas 17b, study for quiz on “Body Systems in Vertebrate Animals. 3. Give quiz


Spanish 1

February 2 day 69

February 3 day 70

February 4 day 71, day 72, day 73 , day 74, day 75

 day 76

Day 77

Day 78

Learning Language Arts through Literature- Continue work

Week 20 day 1

Week 20 day 2

Week 20 day 3

Week 20 day 4

Week 20 day 5

Week 21 day 1

Week 21 day 2

Week 21 day 3

Week 21 day 4

week 21 day 5


Week 22 day 5

Modern American History- WW1

Easy peasy day 73

The cause of World War 1

Easy peasy day 74

Easy peasy day 75

Motives for the Treaty: the Trauma of World War I

Read WWI section 2 in textbook

The roaring twenties lesson 1

Palmer raids lesson plan

Read chapter 24 section 1 and answer review questions

Read chapter 24 section 2 and answer review questions

Easy Peasy day 84

Easy Peasy day 85



February School Plans for Amber

Home School….


  1. You get to read about spiders. Are you excited or creeped out?
  2. Read one chapter a day from The Life of the Spider by Fabre. I think you can just pick your chapter each day.

Read 3 chapters

Read 5 chapters

Read 2 chapters

Read 1 chapter

Read 1 chapter



Early American History

February 2- Boston Massacre Unit Curriculum day 1

February 3-Boston Massacre Unit Curriculum day 2 and Fighting the War

February 4- Work on American Revolution lapbook and newspaper

February 5-Finish work on lapbook and newspaper

February 9-Declaration of Independence

February 10-The British (Empire) Strikes Back

February 11-Chapter 6 Review

February 12-Fighting the War British strategy lesson a and
Fighting the War British Strategy lesson b (war in the south)

February 16-Branches of government (easy peasy day 84)

February 17- Separate the powers (easy peasy day 85) and Whats not in the constitution

February 18- Amendments the Bill of Rights

February 19-Chapter 7 section 1 answer review questions and Need for the Constitution

February 23- chapter 7 section 2 answer review questions and What God says about Government

February 24-From the President’s Lips: The Concerns that Led to the Sedition
John Adams: Life in Brief

February 25-Make power point of John Adams life

February 26-History in the making lesson 1

Language Arts

February 2- Book 9 spelling/vocabulary review week day 1-2 and dramatizing a scene and taking notes lesson

February 3-book 9
spelling/vocabulary review week day 3
subject/verb agreement pages182-186

February 4 book 9, spelling/vocabulary review week day 4 and subject/verb agreement pages 186-188

February 5- book 9
spelling/vocabulary review week day 5
subject/verb agreement pages 188-189

February 9 book 9, spelling/vocabulary unit 16 day 1, subject/verb agreement pages 189-191 Finish dramatizing a scene and notes on sermon

February 10- book 9
spelling/vocabulary unit 16 day 2 and 3
Take notes and subject/verb agreement pages 191-192

February 11- book 9. spelling/vocabulary unit 16 day 4 and subject/verb agreements pages 192-194

February 12- book 9
spelling vocabulary unit 16 day 5
review for test

February 16-book 9, spelling/vocabulary unit 17 day 1, test

February 17- book 10
spelling/vocabulary unit 17 day 2 and 3
defining terms

February 18- book 10 Spelling/vocabulary unit 17 day 4, Pronoun-Antecedent agreement

February 19- book 10
spelling/vocabulary unit 17 day 5
Pronoun-Antecedent agreement pages 198-199

February 23- book 10 Spelling/vocabulary unit 18 day 1, Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement pages 200

February 24- book 10
spelling/vocabulary unit 18 day 2
Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement page 207

February 25- book 10 spelling/vocabulary unit 18 day 3, defining terms

February 26- book 10
spelling/vocabulary unit 18 day 4-5
Pronoun-antecedent pages 201-205


February 2-area of triangles

February 3-area of shapes on grids-

February 4-area of trapezoids and area of composite figures

February 5- area challenge

February 9-Volume with fractions

February 10-volume with unit cubes

February 11-volume word problems with fractions and decimals

February 12-Nets of 3d figures
surface area using nets
surface area

February 16- surface area and drawing polygons with coordinates

February 17-drawing polygons with coordinates

February 18-drawing polygons with coordinates

February 19- drawing polygons with coordinates and quadrilateral problems on coordinate plane

February 23-quadrilateral problems on coordinate plane
data set warm up
creating frequency tables

February 24-reading dot plots and frequency tables
statistical questions

February 25-statistical questions
creating histograms

February 26-creating histograms
Reading histograms
calculating the mean
calculating the median


February 2 –  1 Corinthians 15:1-34

February 3- 1 Corinthians 15:35-58.

February 4- 1 Corinthians 16

February 5- 2 Corinthians 1

February 9- 2 Corinthians 3

February 10- 2 Corinthians 4

February 11-2 Corinthians 5

February 12- 2 Corinthians 6

February 16- 2 Corinthians 7

February 17- 2 Corinthians 8

February 18- 2 Corinthians 9

February 19- 2 Corinthians 10:1-6 and 12:7-10.

February 23- Review your memory verses:


February 24-  2 Corinthians 13.

February 25-  Galatians 1.

February 26- Galatians 2.


February 2- silent night

February 3- New Years in France

February 4- Faire

February 5 Faire continued

February 9-Faire continued

February 10-Faire continued

February 11- Quel temps fait -il (What is the weather?)

February 12-Verbs that end in ir
February 16 Verbs that end in ir continued
February 17- your turn pick a project you will have 3 days to complete it
February 18- project
February 19- project
February 23- end of unit project
February 24- end of unit project
February 25- end of unit project
February 26- end of unit project



February Menu Plan

Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Just a note: I can plan all I want but if it is not God’s will these plans will not take place. As I accomplish something on my list I will cross it off. I may add pictures if I get a chance later.

Reminder: More for me than anyone else No more planning this is the meal plan for the month…Now enjoy the plans you made and spend MORE TIME DOING.

Week 1


Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Mini Pepperoni Pizzas

Dinner: Enchiladas, dip and tortilla chips


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with toast

Lunch: Ranch Goldfish and sandwiches

Dinner: Baked Chicken and Potatoes and veggie


Breakfast: apple butter on toast

Lunch: apple sandwich


Dinner: Chicken pot pie


Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Ranch Goldfish and sandwiches

Dinner: Kielbasa Rice and veggies


Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins

Lunch Apple Sandwich

Dinner: Pizza


Breakfast- Oatmeal

Lunch:PB and J Pancake Bites

Dinner: Fried Chicken and Potatoes and veggie

Dessert for Week 1 is Carmel Cheese Cake

Week 2


Breakfast: Pancakes

Lunch: Natural Valentine Day Jigglers and sandwiches

Dinner: Super Bowl Party ? or maybe I should call it anti-super bowl party we usually just watch movies on this day because my family is not really into football. (sorry football fans) Here’s our menu: BLT Sandwiches, sweet potato fries and dip, best berry salad


Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls

Lunch: Mediterranean fruit salad

Dinner: soup and Sandwiches


Breakfast: Blueberry Banana French Toast Bake

Lunch: cheesy Broccoli Bites and chicken strips

Dinner: Chicken and dumplings, Mashed potatoes and veggie


Breakfast: Leftover Blueberry Banana French Toast Bake

Lunch: Bean and cheese burritos

Dinner: Mostaccioli Parmesan knots and salad


Breakfast: coffee Toffee Muffins

Lunch: Apple dippers and sandwiches

Dinner: Meatloaf, cheesy potatoes and  Green Beans


Breakfast: Apple butter on toast

Lunch : Cheesy Broccoli Bites and chicken strips

Dinner: Taco’s and Nachos


Breakfast: French Toast

Lunch: apple dippers and sandwiches

Dinner: stuffed baked potatoes, appetizers


Dessert for week 2-Lemon tarts

Week 3


Breakfast: Pancakes

Lunch: Heart Sandwich Stackers


Dinner: Valentine’s Dinner- menu includes: chicken Parmesan, bow tie pasta and spaghetti sauce, strawberry spinach salad, Cherry 7 up, strawberry ice cream


Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls

Lunch Pepperoni Pasta Salad and apple slices

Dinner: Chicken Casserole and Farmhouse biscuits


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with toast

Lunch Yogurt Bars



Breakfast: apple butter on toast

Lunch: PB and J. Pancake Bites

Dinner: Beans and Weenies and Mac and Cheese


Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch Yogurt Bars

Dinner: Quesadillas


Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins

Lunch Banana Cereal Snacks

Dinner: BBQ Meatballs oven fries


Breakfast: French Toast

Lunch Granola bar Poppers


Dessert for week 3- Mini Eclairs

Week 4


Breakfast Pancakes

Lunch Banana Cereal Snacks

Dinner: Asian Chicken Wraps and  Rice


Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls

Lunch: Ham and cheese muffins Sandwiches, honeydew and popcorn


Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and salad


Breakfast: Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Lunch: Peanutty apple wraps

Dinner: Chili cheese dogs and French Fries


Breakfast: Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Lunch: granola bar poppers

Dinner: Chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, and corn


breakfast: Coffee Toffee Muffins

Lunch: Peanutty apple wraps

Dinner: Pizza


breakfast: apple butter on toast

Lunch: mini bagel pizza’s

Dinner: Tostadas  and Spanish rice


breakfast: oatmeal

lunch: Bean and cheese burritos

dinner: roasted chicken, baked potatoes, beans

Dessert for week 4: Chocolate orange cake

Week 5:


breakfast: breakfast burritos

Lunch: mini bagel pizza

Dinner: Beef brisket and gravy, potatoes and squash


Breakfast: Spicy Chicken Wraps, apples, and milk


Lunch: pink and green spinach salad, yogurt cups and crackers

Dinner: hamburgers and french fries







Valentine’s Ideas For the Month


Happy Valentines


Valentine’s Dinner: Chicken Parmesan with bow tie pasta and spaghetti sauce, cherry 7 up, strawberry spinach salad, and strawberry ice cream

14 days of loving the unlovable devotions

  1. Understand Them
  2. Look for root cause of person’s behavior
  3. Pray for them
  4. Look at them through God’s eyes
  5. Impart God’s love and grace
  6. Forgive them
  7. Treat them the way you like people to treat you
  8. Build a connection
  9. Search for good in the person
  10. Meet anger with kindness
  11. Everyone is created in God’s image
  12. Because of sin we are all really unlovable
  13. Invest in people at strategic points
  14. Serve them

Do My 14 days of Valentines for my husband

Sorry I can’t post these because my husband may be reading this….however I may post what I give each day after I gave it.

I will post today’s gift……


February Cleaning Plan


Daily tasks include:Dishes, Floors, counters, clutter, laundry, make meals

Weekly tasks include: bathroom, mop floors, dust house, mirrors and glass

Bi-weekly task: change filters every other Tuesday

Monthly chores: house is divided into 5 areas to clean throughout the month. These areas I will do detailed cleaning in during the assigned week

Feb-1-6 Entrance way, dinning room, front and back porch

Feb 7-13 kitchen

Feb 14-20  kids bedroom, bathroom, laundry area and office area

Feb. 21-27 master bedroom and master bathroom

Feb. 28-29 living room and family room

Devotional plan for Feb.15-29


As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:9)


Stand and Fight Series

Feb. 15-1 Peter 5:8-9

Feb 16-Hebrew 10:23

Feb 17-2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Feb. 18-Matthew 4:10

Feb 19-Ephesians 6:10-17

Victory over Fear Series

Feb 20-2 kings 6:15-17

Feb 21-Romans 8:37

Feb 22-Acts 4:5-13

When Lord When Series

Feb. 23- Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 Their is a time for every season what season are you in now?

Feb 24-Proverbs 3:5- Trust in the Lord now

Feb 25-James 4:7 Submit to the Lord now

Feb 26-Philippians 4:11-13 Be content now

Work Ethic Series

Feb. 27-Proverbs 10:4-5

Feb 28-Ephesians 6:5-9

Feb 29- John 9:4


Planning Day!!!!

Eek I am so excited! Hear my Happy Squeal! This month is the month where I focus on planning less and Doing more.

If you know me well, then you know that I am a planner. I love to plan I make lists for everything. My children often get frustrated with my list making. They just don’t get that without my lists I would be totally and completely lost.

In order for me to be organized I need my lists…..but there is a down fall I don’t know how many times last year I would hear comments like… Can you spend time with me or is not on your list today…. Ouch! that one hurt I love spending time with my family but sometimes my list seems to run my life and if I am not following what is on my list then I may just find myself not being free enough to enjoy a moment that happens just because.

I find that I may be too rigid and that is not something I want to be. Sometimes the truth hurts. I have heard you and now I will respond. This month I am going to work really hard at planning less and doing more.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I will probably have lists still in fact today is going to be my planning day for the entire month. Then after today it will be no more planning just doing. ( I hope…at least I will try….please bare with me….I am a compulsive list maker and I may go through withdrawals.)

Alright before I begin with today’s epic list making month long plan I want to stop and go and read this: Luke 14:28-33. Don’t worry I am not going anywhere I will be back here when you get done reading so go ahead grab your Bible and let’s read it together.


Alright glad you are back… I wanted to point out that it is alright to make plans and just because I am working on doing it less. I still believe it is an important thing to do in order to be accomplished and organized.

So now that we see that it is a Biblical thing to make plans lets do the fun part. Grab your Calendar… Grab your pencil… Grab your paper….. Grab a drink and go get comfortable because now we have permission to go make our month long lists.

My lists may be different then yours but here are some plans I am going to be putting together.

Menu plans for the month

School plans for the month

Family activities for the month

Valentines day plans