Less Soda and More Tea!

It is March 1st and that means I am working on my third goal for the year… This is to drink less soda and more tea. This is going to be a particular hard goal for me because I love to drink Pepsi. I also love drinking ice tea so maybe just maybe I can do this.

I have been monitoring how much soda I drink…..Ahem I hate to admit this but over the last two weeks I have had 18 glasses of soda. That breaks down to around 2 sodas a day and on some days 3 sodas a day.  The sad thing is that I know that there were days that I didn’t have any soda at all which meant that on the days that I did drink soda my intake was much more than 2 glasses a day.

Here is the problem when I have soda in the house I drink it and crave it and want nothing else but it.

This is not something I am proud of because well….I have put on weight and can’t seem to get it off. Just being totally honest here hence the goal to drink less soda and more tea.

So in my efforts to loose weight and to be more healthy I am going to work on my month long goal which hopefully will turn into a lifetime goal of drinking less soda and more tea.

I must be a realist though because as much as I want to conquer this bad habit of mine. I have tried to quit drinking soda before and seem to fail at it miserably. So I decided going cold turkey is not going to work so here is my plan:

For the next two weeks I will try not to have any soda, but if I do have soda I will only allow myself to have 1 glass and that is all.   The third week of March I would only allow myself to have at the most 3 sodas…The 4th week I will allow myself 3 sodas but this week while I am drinking the soda I will drink half a glass of soda and half a glass of water. This will bring me to March 29.

Since my April goal is to eat less junk food and more salads I will be combining my goals. Since drinking soda really packs on the calories than I will start counting my calories and keep track of what I am eating and drinking.

When I realize that 1 12 ounce can equals 140 calories and a 20 ounce soda equals 240 calories that will take up a lot of nutritious food  that I could be consuming so this may help me think twice before popping open a soda and downing the delicious sweetness.

On a positive note I do love drinking unsweetened ice tea so if I am tempted to drink a soda I could always have ice tea and to make my tea more interesting I may mix in some lemon, or mint.

Another helpful hint would be that when I start craving my Pepsi before I drink it I will have to drink a full glass of ice tea before I am allowed to have the Pepsi. Another tip that I will  be working on is that if I am buying a soda I will drink caffeine free so that I am weaning myself off from the caffeine dependency as well.

I will also try and stay away from the soda triggers….I tend to like to drink soda when I go out to eat, I love soda and pizza, soda and popcorn, soda and Doritos so I will try not to be eating out as much (not something that we really do that often). I will stay away from popcorn, pizza and Doritos as well.

I am also giving myself permission to do this only for a month…If I try and look further down the road I think I will get discouraged and say  “never again have soda….that’s not realistic, I can’t do that” then I give up before I ever really get started… Can you tell I have tried this before?

Once I am able to wean myself off from this drink then I can save it for special occasions….I don’t mean that I get to make every little thing a special occasion, but there is nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying a soda now and again as a special treat, but first I need to get my dependency off from this drink.

So now it is your turn…I am going to enlist the help of my friends to help me stay accountable and if this is something you are struggling with as well than we can work on this month long goal of drinking less soda and more ice tea together.