April’s Menu Plan

April 1- eggs and berries


melon, prosciutto and cheese salad

April 2-stawberry smoothie

One-Skillet Roasted Steak and Potatoes served with grilled veggies

Chile chicken salad

April 3 english muffin, cottage cheese and orange

To be determined

zesty avocado, pineapple and pink grapefruit salad

April 4-scrambled eggs with cheese bacon and berries on the side

ham, mashed potatoes and carrots

baby leaf remedy salad with raspberry dressing

April 5- french toast

Cilantro honey garlic chicken with spinach salad

Seared beef salad with horseradish dressing

April 6 cereal and fruit

hot oven roasted chicken thighs with rice and broccoli

chicken, lentil and potato energizer salad

April 7-waffles


lovely and light avocado and almond salad

April 8: toast and eggs

Baked Chicken & Spinach Egg Rolls

Vitamin B-boosting feta, mint and strawberry salad

April 9 oatmeal and pop tarts

ham and cheese sliders and raw veggies

Ratatouille and bean salad

April 10 egg whites and spinich

navy bean and ham soup

wheat berry and goji berry salad

April 11 pancakes

fruit tray and baked eggs and ham

spinach and tomato salad with roasted garlic croutons

April 12 English muffins

baked french toast with Carmel glaze

green goddess salad

April 13 muffins

lasagna soup

Thanksgiving turkey and cranberry salad

My dessert choice for the week, is this easy and light 2 Ingredient Apple Angel Food Cake!

April 14 cereal

ham, green beans and new potatoes, mac and cheese and fruit salad, deviled eggs, hot cross buns and lemon cake

spiced chicken salad

April 15 toast

herb white bean soup

chicken cobb salad

April 16- leftovers

chicken tortilla skillet, mexican salad and fresh strawberry bread

taco salad

April 17 pancakes

slow cooker roast beef, bacon roasted potato salad and fresh strawberry bread

Mediterranean wrap

April 18 French toast

Oat Tabbouleh
April 19 cereal
creamy Italian chicken salad served over lettuce and avocado slices, leftover sugar cream pie
barley and crushed bean salad
April 20- toast
Classic melon,prosciutto and cheese salad
April 21- leftovers
steak, potatoes and fresh cut veggies
Chile chicken salad
April 22-pancakes
crockpot ham and beans rice and fresh cut veggies
big cranberry bean, tomato and onion salad with eggs
April 23 French toast
Sustaining Caesar salad with maple chicken
April 24  yogart and fruit
big salads
chicken and lentil and potato energizer salad
April 25 scrambled eggs and cheese
  • chicken slop in the crock pot (chicken breasts, stuffing, sour cream, and a cream of soup)
  • High-energy warm egg salad

April 26 fruit smoothie

roasted whole chicken, potatoes and fresh cut veggies

High fiber chicken salad

April 26  yogart and fruit


high fiber green lentil salad

April 27 maple oatmeal and raisins

pork chops and stuffing and fresh cut veggies

Cholesterol-lowering multigrain salad

April 28 breakfast patty melts


leftover Cholesterol lowering multigrain salad

April 29 cowboy quiche

roast beef sandwhiches

Leftover cholesterol lowering multigrain salad

April 30 quick rasberry heart roll

slow cooker honey pork chops with apples rice and fresh cut veggies

Jerk turkey with tropical fruit salsa











Less Junk Food More Salads

Today is April 1st can you believe it? I am shocked how fast this year is going by. I did pretty good this past month on my goal of less soda more tea, but now I must continue on with my April Challenge…..Less Junk Food More Salads.

My husband found out in February that he had Diabetes and now we are both eating more healthy than we have in the past…. Amazingly my husband has lost 20 pounds this past month. I wish I could say I was as successful as he was, I have lost weight just not as much as he did.

So this month my goal will to be able to eat more salads, my mother-in-law gave Rich a new cookbook filled with delicious looking salads so maybe just maybe we can spend the month of April trying out these wonderful recipes.


I hope you all are finding that you are able to keep your New Years Resolutions…..I can’t say I have been able to do mine all the time but I have been putting in a good effort. January I worked on Listening more and talking less, February I worked on doing more and planning less, March was Drinking more tea and less soda and now if you would like to join me I will be working on Eating more Salad’s and Less Junk food this month.


Today’s special salad will be….. A melon, prosciutto and cheese salad it looks interesting in the book so I will hopefully be able to try it and have yummy results. May God bless you in any goals you are working on this month.