How’s my Witness?




I just witnessed a dog getting hit by a car on my way to work.

We drive to work almost everyday. We go about our busy day doing all the many tasks that come around. (Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we do not) We work with all of our heart, doing the best we can in the little time that we have. We dream, we plan, we organize, we set our heart to the tasks of the day. It doesn’t really matter what the tasks that lay before us, what matters is that whatever the work we are doing we are doing it for the Lord.

Today however as I have said. I witnessed a golden retriever run across the road. everyone on my side of the road heading south slowed to a stop as the dog ran into traffic. As it got across our side of the road into the median it continued on and ran across the other side of the road where a car heading northbound hit the dog and it went flying.

I was mortified, this poor animal tried as hard as it could to get up, twice but it fell back down. The car that hit the dog just kept going. I wanted to stop but was running late for work as it was, and two other people stopped to help the poor animal.

I understand that this is just an animal, but my heart was devastated. I was in tears by the time I got to my office. My heart sank at how bad this dog must be feeling. That poor dog who may be lost and is definitely hurt, where was its family? Who was going to care for the dog now? Why was it running so wildly without anyone guiding it or protecting it?

Then I started thinking do I respond to lost people in the same way? Do I reach out to the hurting people in this world? When people are lost and hurt and alone am I reaching out to them, letting them join in with my family? Do I take time to care for those people in the world that are running around wildly, lost and without direction? Do I do anything to reach out to help guide people to Christ? Do I respond with the same tears at the numerousĀ  lost souls that are around me?

Maybe today my work would be better if I take some time and reach out with love and kindness to those that are hurting around me. If I stop trying to work on my to do list and allow Christ to center my actions on the work He places in front of me.

Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you create a meaningful work environment.


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