Respect Him as a man

We all have basic needs and my needs, as a woman seems far different then my husband’s need as a man.

I need to feel loved and led, whereas my husband wants to feel loved,but more importantly he wants to feel respected.

I am not sure but I think most men have this need as well.

So this brings us to a place of question. How can we show respect to our Husband’s and why is it so important to show respect to them.

The most important reason why we need to respect our husbands is because it is a command from God. (Ephesians 5:33)

God already knew the dynamics that both men and women need. He realized how important is for women to feel loved and the need that men have is feeling respected. This is why He commands men to love their wives and women to respect their husbands.

It is when we show respect to our husbands that they are able to feel trusted by us.

So what are the tangible ways we can show respect.

1. Ask them to lead us Spiritually. Give them the chance to lead. Suggest that they lead you on a devotion, or Scripture of the day to meditate on. Just yesterday I asked this of my hubby, then I put it in his hands to decide when and where and what to do. I didn’t control the time or topic.

This morning as we were heading  to work. He was so sweet, he said good morning to me and asked me to pull out a paper from his Bible. Then he asked me to read the first two verses on that page. We had such a good conversation about being living sacrifices. It was so wonderful I felt God leading Him as He was leading me. I believe that by my asking him to lead us, as a couple I was showing respect to him as the head of our household.

2. Actively look for ways you can show honor to him.

This could even  mean allowing him to fail, Don’t always try to prevent something bad from happening. We need to honor our husbands in a way that says we are going to stick by you through your triumphs and your failures. Sometimes we may want to jump in to “save the day” but that isn’t showing honor to the man we fell in love with. The more respectable thing to do is allow our husbands to grow and learn from their mistakes. Allow God to direct him. This was something I found myself doing…If a problem would arise between my daughter and him I would often try to step in and fix the issue. However my trying to fix the situation did not allow or give him authority to handle the problem the way he felt God called him to. I was inadvertently undermining his authority in the house and causing more tension. This is something I terribly regret. So to honor him, I now try to let him lead if he is successful that is wonderful and if he fails that’s OK too, because then God can speak to Him and show him where to change.

3 . Build him up daily.Wives our husbands are counting on us to build them up. They are looking for encouragement so let’s offer it to them Spiritually, Emotionally, and physically. When your husband gets done praying for you tell him how much you appreciate his prayers, how they mean so much to you. When he is working hard, shoot him a text that tells him how you appreciate his hard work and dedication to his family, Let’s not forget physically. What about him are you physically attracted to? Mention his gorgeous brown eyes, or his clean-shaven face, or maybe it’s his muscular physique. We all love being encouraged so let’s take time building our husbands up. Today take time to strengthen your marriage and draw close together as a couple by respecting your man.


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