Valentine’s Ideas For the Month


Happy Valentines


Valentine’s Dinner: Chicken Parmesan with bow tie pasta and spaghetti sauce, cherry 7 up, strawberry spinach salad, and strawberry ice cream

14 days of loving the unlovable devotions

  1. Understand Them
  2. Look for root cause of person’s behavior
  3. Pray for them
  4. Look at them through God’s eyes
  5. Impart God’s love and grace
  6. Forgive them
  7. Treat them the way you like people to treat you
  8. Build a connection
  9. Search for good in the person
  10. Meet anger with kindness
  11. Everyone is created in God’s image
  12. Because of sin we are all really unlovable
  13. Invest in people at strategic points
  14. Serve them

Do My 14 days of Valentines for my husband

Sorry I can’t post these because my husband may be reading this….however I may post what I give each day after I gave it.

I will post today’s gift……



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