Stop Everything Else

Stopping everything else is very similar to day 1 our first challenge where we need to be fully in the moment. Because this is such a struggle for me I want to continue to work on this skill.

Challenge number 10: Today when someone one is talking to me my main goal is to stop what I am doing and give them undivided attention.

Bible Passage:

I can do all things through


who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13


Today I need to believe that even if it is hard for me I can do all things with God’s strength. I can stop what I am doing and stop the multi-tasking and give the people that are so important to me individual attention.

Questions to ask myself: 1.How am I showing the person who is speaking that they have value to me? 2. Am I taking this goal seriously enough to ask my loving Father in Heaven to Help me accomplish my goals? 3. Am I seeking out how God wants me to handle the relationships in my life? 4. Am I being patient with the person talking or am I rushing them so that I can get back to whatever else I was doing?


Goals: 1. Watch what I am thinking: Today I am going to be careful to watch my thoughts and keep them in check… I want to have a non-judgmental thought process and I want to have a focused thought process so that I am thinking specifically about what the person is saying, not drifting my mind to another thing. 2. I am going to look for the positive- instead of seeing how the person speaking is different from me I want to focus on their uniqueness and learn from their abilities. When I am actively thinking about them I am not focused on me, which allows me to stop doing what I am doing to give the person the best attention possible. 3. Avoid right and wrong thinking- not everything is black and white so today as I am stopping what  I am doing to listen to others I want to realize not everything has to be labeled.


2 thoughts on “Stop Everything Else

    1. I really struggle with this every day. I want so desperately to be present with my kids and family. I do care about everything they are saying, but my tendency is to rush through my to do list and try and get everything done that “I” feel needs to be done. This year I am really working at surrendering more to God and taking time to listen to others instead of trying to be “perfect” and get my list accomplished. I will be praying for you Nancy please pray for me.


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