Mary the Mother of Jesus Humble Servant of God

I have been thinking a lot about how in life it seems that it is easy to assume that someone we admire has it all together. You know what I am talking about the mom who seems to be super mom, able to whip up a batch of brownies in a minutes notice and has her laundry all washed and folded and even put away. The Dad who goes to work and makes enough money and never struggles with financial issues. The friend who seems to always get straight A’s without ever sweating about it. We tend to look at people and start to judge them and wish to ourselves I wish I were more like that person they seem to have everything put together.

The truth is we all struggle in one area or another, sure we may seem like everything is perfect but we all have flaws and this life here on earth isn’t meant to be perfect, because that is what heaven is reserved for. I certainly don’t have everything put together.

I face challenges everyday, lately the disagreements in my house have dealt with who is going to drive the car and who is going to sit in the front seat. As I have emerging drivers and two already licensed drivers trying to be fair and let everyone have a turn to do the driving isn’t always easy. Plus we have the criticism like “this person doesn’t drive as well as I do,” and” I never get to sit in the front seat anymore because everyone else is driving.”  Don’t forget that we all have different taste in music so who gets to decided what is being played on the radio. Just because your children are older doesn’t mean that things get easier. Life can be challenging as a parent.

Another challenge we are facing right now is dealing with sickness, my girls have been having really sore throats and ear aches, even my darling husband was complaining this morning that his ears were hurting. Thankfully no one is running a fever but it sure feels miserable when you are not 100%.

On top of all these struggles we still have the issue that my wonderful husband has started another job and we are all adjusting to his chaotic schedule. He has been working for the past two weeks and he has been on days and afternoons and soon will start the night shift. My kids are missing their dad and my youngest even mentioned today that she misses her dad. She didn’t even get to see him yesterday.

All that being said I am physically exhausted. I feel burned out with school and to be honest I started the kids school winter break 3 days early because I just can’t seem to handle all the activities we are involved in, keep up with the house, shopping and phone calls plus do school. So Yes sometimes I feel like I don’t have it all together and that there is some other person out there that could handle this thing called life a lot better then I could.

Then I reflect and think about Mary the mother of Jesus, and what a humble servant she was.

Luke 1:38 Bible Verse Slides

Mary had to face so much, I am sure she must have had moments where she thought Me Lord, you want me to do what? But even if she felt overwhelmed she still was humble enough to say: I am your servant and May it be to me as you have said.

Luke 1:37 | Words of Widom | Pinterest

No matter what was placed in front of Mary’s lap. No matter what the future had to hold she realized that with God nothing is impossible and that she could manage to do her best at whatever God had put in her path

Whatever God places in my path today, I want to be humble enough to except the challenge and know that God can help me accomplish the task.

I want to say: “I am your servant Lord, may this thing be done according to your word.”

Prayer: Dear God, Help me to open my hands and my heart to accept any challenges you place before me. Help me to realize that nothing is impossible as long as you are in my life. In Jesus’ name amen.


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